Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

By Doug Pell



Go and get your Teddy Bears and put them in a seat.



It's time to have a party and it's going to be a treat.



Give everyone some candy, some cookies and some sweets.



Gather 'round the table it's time for us to eat.



Cause now it's time to celebrate a very special day.



Get your bear and sit right down, I have something to say.



 Happy Birthday Teddy Bears, It's been 100 years.



Happy Birthday Teddy Bears we're glad that you are here.



There'll be Popsicle's and Momsicle's and honey for the bears.



And oranges and ice cream, every flavor will be there.



Every kind of brownie that anyone could bake.



And the biggest most humongus ever birthday cake.



There'll be party hats and prizes and colorful balloons.



 And everyone will be there even from cartoons.



 They'll sing and dance and run around playing party games.



  We'll all have fun and laugh and play even if it rains.



Time to Monkey Around

By Doug Pell



Teddy Bear School was about to begin and all three Teddy Bears had just been dropped off by Rackets, the cat. 


Rackets told them their teacher, Barley Bear was going to be late today so they should just wait quietly.


Today was little Giggle’s first day in Teddy Bear School.  Wobbly Bear and Mimi were excited for her to meet their teacher, Barley Bear. 


While they waited they looked around at their school room.  Giggle saw the funny cuckoo clock hanging on the wall.  It had bananas hanging beneath it.


A strange sound started coming from inside the Cuckoo clock.  The teddy bears all turned to look. 


Wobbly and Mimi knew what was going to happen next but this was Giggle’s first day and she did not know                                               what was inside that funny cuckoo clock.


They heard it again.  “Mookoo, Mookoo”

All of a sudden the doors opened wide and out popped Mookoo, a cute little cuckoo monkey. 


He looked at the teddy bears and said. “Mookoo, I’m Mookoo.  Hi, how do YOU do?”


Giggle’s eyes opened wide with surprise. 

But before anyone could say anything Mookoo started talking again. “It’s time.  It’s time. It’s time!” he said.


“Time for what?” said Mimi .  Mookoo started jumping up and down excitedly “It’s time to monkey around!” 


“What does ‘monkey around’ mean” Giggle asked, giggling?  She was the littlest of the teddy bears and always wanted to things explained.


“Today ‘Monkey around’ means we all play a game and I am the leader.   Now, are there any teddy bears here, today?”


“Yes, we are all Teddy Bears” the bears answered together.  Well, the next thing they knew they were all playing                                         a game called “Mookoo Says” and doing the silliest things you ever could imagine.


They were licking their noses and wiggling their toes’s. 


They were standing and sitting in all kinds of poses.


When they were in the silliest pose of all Mookoo  “Everyone freeze.  Don’t move ‘till I say ‘T’dee’”


Then Mookoo disappeared into his clock.


Just then Barly Bear, the Teddy Bear School teacher walked in.  He stopped and looked at Wobbly, Mimi and  Giggle.  They were twisted up like a giant Teddy Bear pretzel. 


Just as Barley was about to say something Mookoo jumped out of his hiding place, looked at teddy bear pretzel and said “T’dee, Barley”


Well, when the three bears heard Mookoo say “T’dee” they all fell down, spilling on to the floor, giggling and laughing. 


Then they saw Barley and for a moment nobody said anything.  The bears started to get a little scared.  Maybe this was NOT the best way to wait for their new teacher.  


Barley opened his mouth really wide.  He started to laugh.  He laughed and laughed and soon everyone was laughing too. 


Finally, when he was able to stop laughing Barley said, “Well, Giggle I see you have met Mookoo, our cuckoo monkey. 


“Now, Mookoo,” Barley continued.  Tell her what I really asked you to say. Mookoo smiled and sang out “Welcome, Giggle. Welcome to Teddy Bear School.”



Six Little Teddy Bears

By Doug Pell



One little teddy bear sitting on a shoe

Sitting next to me with nothing much to do


Along came another bear and then there were two

Two little teddy bears sitting on a shoe.


The shoe started walking and it went outside

With the two little teddy bears going for a ride


It stepped right up to a big old tree

And along came another bear and then there were three


And in this tree there was a door

Well out came a bear and then there were four


Four little bears sitting underneath a tree

Four little bears sitting there with me


Four little bears just wondering what to do

When all of a sudden they saw the other shoe


It walked right up to a big beehive

And out popped a teddy bear and then there were five


Now five little bears sitting there with me

Eating jars of honey right under a tree


When a bear fell down with a bunch of sticks

So we offered him some honey and now we were six


Then the bears all said that it’s time to go home

But our mommy's and our daddy's said we can't go alone


So the bears and I we marched on down

And I walked them back to their own bear town


And I took those bears where they would be fed

And tucked in by their parents in a nice warm bed


Then I went home and I wrote this poem

About six little teddy bears away from home