Mission and Overview

To create a fully formed brand designed for licencing targeted at zero-to-six year old children;

The story of Teddy Bear School draws children and parents into a magical world filled whose delightful characters

will endear and amuse while teaching life lessons.

TBS will be the a fully integrated resource for parents of  young children.  It will utilize apps, websites

and social media.

This property will have global and  ever-green appeal until people stop having children.

Drawing from the latest educational research TBS will  provide a solution to millennial parents who want to

give their children the best childhood experience possible .

The monetization model can manifest in several different ways.  

  • Storytelling apps and game apps for Apple, Android and Websites

  • Music (some is already on ITunes)

  • Paper  chapter book followed by coloring books and picture books, 

  • Character image licensing (clothing, toys, etc.)

  • Film and Television

  • Easily adapted for teaching any subject (i.e. reading, math, art and science.

Doug Pell - creator

Teddy Bear Tunes, Inc.









A Brief Character Overview



Wobbly Bear


Wobbly is in a way our entrée into The Teddy Bear School.  Most stories will open with Wobbly and one of the other characters working or playing together.  He will look up, notice we are there and offer his cheerfully surprised greeting “T’dy!! Come on in!” drawing us right into the fun.

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The Teddy Bear School founder and teacher is from the old school of Teddies, the hand- made ones who started out with really good Teddy Bear instincts, and who have only gotten better with experience and age.  

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Mookoo the Monkey

Mookoo lives in the kitschy cuckoo clock up on the wall.  He is short in stature, but long in opinions! 


His cuckoo clock home is a jungle-style hut, and the clock is complete with bananas for weights.  One never knows when he will come popping out of the clock with a “Mookoo! Mookoo!” and grabbing a banana before popping right back in.  

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Mimi is a lively and instantly likable 5-year old teddy bear.  Her parents were both music box Teddies from another era.  She sometimes talks about her musical sisters and brothers, Doe-doe, Rae-Ray, Fa-Fa and So-So. Not surprisingly, then, music is central to Mimi’s life and personality.

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At “two years - and a qwarter!” old, Giggle may be the smallest Teddy Bear in Teddy Bear School, but she’s definitely the pwoudest of her age.  Named for her penchant to giggle all the time, she finds something funny in almost everything.  

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Rackets the cat is Barley’s oldest friend and confidante.  It was Rackets and Barley who put together Teddy Bear School in the first place, and she is very involved in the daily operations. She has lived in the ‘real’ world for a long time and has “learned” much about the ways of people both young and old.  For more about Rackets, click here

Three Little Ladybugs 


These little characters hang out together and perform as a comical trio at various points.  


The ladybugs are fully and humorously anthropomorphized, and are not gender specific. They walk upright wearing their shells like backpacks. They love to run, jump, and leap great distances. They ride bikes, drive cars and sail boats.  

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